Les Naturistes

Organic winemaking aims to preserve both local ecosystems and soil fertility while promoting biodiversity. No synthetic chemicals are used (all products used must be natural in origin) on the crops, instead using more natural treatment such as copper, sulfur or plant-based insecticides. 
There is also a list of organic-approved products which can be used in the winemaking process and packing.

Producing biodynamic wines means practicing organic or eco-responsible agriculture with preparations dedicated to the plant, the soil and the culture in order to obtain optimal grape quality. Biodynamics reminds us that energy is the source of life and is expressed in all living beings including our planet: the energy meridians of the human body and the energy poles of our planet which influence the life of the fauna and flora.

These really are natural wines, as sulfites do occur naturally in wine. When grapes undergo fermentation, they naturally release a small quantity of sulfur dioxide, and these sulfites are important antioxidants and antiseptic agents for the wine. 
Using these, the wine can protect itself from oxygen and micro-organisms. So, when you see “no added sulfites”, this just means that there is no added protection. It takes more care and attention, but it allows the fruit to really shine!

Vegan wine is, by definition, made entirely with plant-based material and contains nothing of animal origin. Here, traditional fining agents such as isinglass and egg white are replaced by vegan-friendly pea flour.