25 September 2018

This year again, named "Crus Bourgeois"

Patrick Bouey is proud to announce you, hos propreties : Château La France Delhomme, Château Maison Blanche, Château Lestruelle and Château La Ribaud 2016 have received the Crus Bourgeois's certification, from Médoc.

05 September 2018

Open in 2016, La Cité du vin has surpassed the million of visitors

Maybe, are you in that ?

Maison Bouey is proud to be a builder sponsor of this great showcase, unique initiative in the world to permit to all people to know wine and Bordeaux's univers . All their wealth, culture, quality and diversity ..

16 July 2018

Chateau Maison Blanche welcome us on his lands

A second bottle of Chateau Maison Blanche (Crus Bourgeois of Médoc), Patrick Bouey's proprety, advised by Stéphane Derenoncourt, waits for you at Bordeaux Airport. 

21 June 2018

Celebrate the music party with La Cité du Vin

Maison Bouey, who is a builder sponsor since his openning in 2016, advise a musical party with the Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud's representation. 

Don't forget the tempory exposition "wine and music" open until sunday.

18 June 2018

Take the Médoc's direction for some news of our propreties

By an uncertain time, we arrive at the phenological end of flowering's point. The full flower took place around 1st of june with an homogeneity between diffrents vines. If theory is good, vintages would start 110 days after the flowering, so around 22th of septembre, that will be a vintage between normal and precocious. 

08 June 2018

"Les parcelles"" in Cambodia

The return image of "Parcelles"'s launch, elaborate in collaboration with Stepahen Derenoncourt and Derenoncourt Consultants, in Cambodia

During last may, some customers who have the chance to be choose, tasted Bordeaux Rouge and Bordeaux Blanc, in the wonderfull Palace gGate Hotel and Resort Phnom Penh. 

04 June 2018

Bordeaux Oenologists's special price assigned to Chateau La Ribaud

More than excellent grades obtained in Primeurs (87 Tim Atkin, 90-91 James Suckling, 14 Page Bernard Burtschy), Chateau La Ribaud 2016 receives the Bordeaux Oenologists's special price assigned to the Best Merlot From Bordeaux, in the Citadelles du Vin's contest.

The award was done during the Hong Kong Vinexpo's event.

25 May 2018

Live in recording studio

A new movie is in preparation..

We don't tell you more ...

Unveiling of the movie in july ...

18 May 2018

Willing to travel ?

The China Eastern Airlines compagny serves Chateau Maison Blanche in his international flights, between Shanghai and different towns like Paris, Londres, Franckfort or even USA. 

03 May 2018

Chateau Maison Blanche and Chateau Lestruelle now available in french Polynesia

Benefit from the free delivery by Pavillon Des Vins Nouméa